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Rocking bar bridges for Gretsch and other guitars, machined to the true radius of your fingerboard - because at Tru-Arc we know what 12" means...

Available in solid brass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel at 9.5" 12"

Made in the U.S.A.

Tru-Arc Bridgeworks


Why sweat bridge radius?

Because you're obsessive about playability.

The rocking bar bridge from Gretsch is unsurpassed for response and feel. But OEM-stock rocking bar bridges are bent at the centre point to approximate radii from 14" to 20". Stock RBBs on guitars with 12" or 9.45" fingerboard radii sometimes produce fret buzz on middle strings and/or higher action than desired on the outer strings.

Tru-Arc bridges are cut from tubular stock, bent to a continuous radius to match the fingerboard, then precisely machined for even string height and consistently adjustable action across all strings.

Why sweat different metals?

Because you're obsessive about tone.

OEM-stock rocking bar bridges are made of brass and plated chrome or gold. Brass has well-known musical properties and sounds great, however other materials have their own unique tonal qualities. Tru-Arc currently offers polished (not plated) brass, aluminium, copper and stainless steel bridges, each with its own response and sonic character.

In combination with your choice of ebony or rosewood bases, Tru-Arc bridges let you easily and quickly experiment, fine tune the tone of your guitar to your taste, and find your own distinctive voice.

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